It starts this moment.
Begin Crowdfunding Your Life.

Around you are moments. Live and unfiltered. Share a moment, hang with friends, or tune into a place in the world you never been. Be there even when you can't, and don't miss what's going on. See the world and experience life in a new way. is like a live video IRC mixed with a micro-studio to express yourself with our soon-to-launch live platform.

Share for the sake of sharing and be free. Or step it up a notch, and take on the challenge of earning money through crowdfunding your broadcast.

More than a platform, as a digital network and services provider we focus on the creation and cultivation of quality content as well as providing live streaming services.

For the individual, start-up, or event goer and organizer alike we offer adhoc broadcast that can source the crowd or lock-down to specific contributors.

Clayrain offers a platform and content promotion for content maker. We bring you the best of what's around while also empowering you to have conduits to reach the people you know and an audience waiting to see your moment. Captivate a crowd and let them hear your voice.

Our simple and quick to use tools will allow you to get going without even signing in. Just follow the steps and you're ready to stream live.

We respect your privacy and you can remain anonymous while using many features of our products.

Share a spontaneous moment with friends or report on a happen. When you are ready to take your storytelling to the next level, we are here to help promote your feed to the community that will include online and traditional cross-over syndication. Get the connection and guidence you need in order to share your vision and to have the potential to earn money directly from your own live streams and pitches.

Get inspired from feedback instantly. Kick-start your next brilliant idea right now and find funds for your life. Whether you're a comedian looking for a digital stage, a street hoops pick-up game star, a group trying to raise money for a cause, or looking to quickly take to market your great vision -- you'll find a place and community for your inspirations and passions and talent.

Mission Statement

Our brand story is the story of you. We want to help voices to get heard and recognized. Sometimes this means setting up productions and seeding content through out this community and other distribution. Other times it is recognizing talent that is discovered and helping them reach a new level.

There is value in words and images and to this we make conduits to connect voice and visuals to others. We also know that art and video as a tool can be used to better lives, and for this, our goal is to put mechanisms in place that will empower a person and groups not only through the sharing of thoughts and snippets of life but through a means of economic rewards.

Imagine a way to in fund yourself in real time the sharing of your live stream. This is our mission.